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Leading Retail Laptop Shop in Bangladesh

Leading computer & laptop retail shop in Bangladesh

It is known to all that, MC Solution BD has become one of the main leading computer & laptop retail shops in Bangladesh. Since they started their journey 6 years ago, they have already established a permanent position by providing user-demanded laptops, fast and secure online services, and significant after-sales service offline as well. No matter wherever you are, you can easily purchase desired laptops by directly calling out hotline or through the website. On our website, you can see a wide collection of laptops available in stock. If it is not available in our stock, you can pre-order and receive the product within a specific time frame. Whether you are on the way to buying your first big-budget gaming laptop or building a higher-end desktop, you'll find MC Solution BD always with your help.

Largest laptop collection in Bangladesh

In MC Solution BD, you can find all the best-selling laptop models ready stock such as ASUS, Lenovo, Microsoft Surface, Dell, HP, Samsung, Acer, Razer, MSI. We always try to keep stock of laptops demanded by the consumers so that we can provide them whenever they want. You can purchase any stock available laptops from our shop inside Dhaka. In case you live outside Dhaka, we will send the product via courier. Not just laptops, MC Solution BD is now a well-known source of authentic Apple products, including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Studio etc. Purchase MacBook Pro/Air or any Apple products from us and you will receive 10 days replacement warranty and 1 Year of Apple International Warranty free of cost. So, you can find MC Solution BD for any laptop you need from anywhere in Bangladesh.

Why choose MC Solution BD?

Nowadays people are more interested in buying products online. Therefore, all kinds of brands and businesses carry out both online and offline activities to reach most of their target audience. Similarly, MC Solution BD is very concerned about the consumer experience, whether it is offline or online. You can get a seamless buying experience both in-store and online purchase. Since there is no shortage of laptop shop in Bangladesh. Over the last few years, many new brands have emerged as brands selling laptops and desktop accessories. Therefore, Bangladeshi laptop/PC users now have ample space to consider the best price before buying a new laptop or desktop. However, when it comes to buying a laptop, you will want to find the best place that offers the best price with reliable warranty support. In this regard, MC Solution BD is currently the best option for purchasing brand new laptops with intact manufacture warranty. Why should you choose MC Solution BD? Okay, here are some solid reasons to make up your mind,

Reliable source of original laptops and desktop accessories

According to consumers’ demand, MC Solution BD imports all the laptops and provides consumers with fully intact manufactured sealed laptops. If the laptop is out of stock, we suggest pre-order for a certain period of time and delivering the product within that time. In this way, MC Solution BD proves itself a reliable source of original laptops and desktop accessories. Whatever laptops you need, just let us know about that and we will bring them for you within a given time.


MC Solution BD is very careful about the promises we make to our customers. If it is promised to deliver you the product within 2-3 days, then it will be done. So, you don’t have to worry about pre-ordering laptops, if there is no unwanted problem, you will get the product on time.

Reasonable price

One of the reasons you should consider choosing MC Solution BD is the reasonable price range it offers for all the products. Unlike other available laptop reselling brands in Bangladesh, MC Solution BD understands the value of customers. And so, they always

Special discount for students

Yep, we have special discounts available only for students. Just show your current student ID card when buying a laptop from our store. Our sales executives will make a little consideration for you.

Official Warranty

Whichever laptop you purchase from MC Solution BD, you must receive official manufacture warranty. As it is an international warranty, you can claim it anywhere in the world. This means MC Solution BD only retails official laptops with specific warranty and after-sales support.

After-sales service

One of the things that laptop users consider when buying a laptop from anywhere is after-sales service. It is a big issue for them because laptops can easily get into trouble that should be repaired. Some of the common laptop problems are,

  • Battery won’t charge
  • Laptop shuts down unexpectedly
  • Laptop becomes hot quickly
  • Keyboard becomes unresponsive
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth issue
  • And so on

All the laptops come with specific warranty support. As long as the warranty period lasts, you can take the advantage of official support for your needs. Most laptops have 1 or 2 years of official warranty. We also provide the same warranty as given by the manufacturer. MC Solution BD ensures hassle-free journey for customers after-sales support. Since this is an official warranty, you can claim from anywhere if there is an official service center. No matter if the laptop brand has no official service care in our country like Apple, we help to claim the warranty by sending the device abroad. It ensures that your device will be repaired with genuine parts that will be replaced if it is a warranty standard issue. Thus, MC Solution BD became credible for providing better after-sales service to consumers.

Hassle-free online purchase

Since we do not have any outlet outside Dhaka, people who don’t live in Dhaka can purchase laptops from our website through online orders. Besides, you can find us always active on social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp. You can simply message us about your requirement. For laptops that aren’t available in stock, we take pre-order at selected times. So, wherever you are in Bangladesh, you can easily make purchase decision and confirm it online.

Free home delivery inside Dhaka

MC Solution BD provides free home delivery inside Dhaka. For online orders, you can take the free delivery service which also enables cash on delivery. For out of Dhaka, we usually deliver the products through courier service. In such cases, we carefully cover the laptop with bubble wrap to prevent damage. Finally, if you are receiving the product from courier, you have to pay the courier charge. Although MC Solution BD doesn’t have so many outlets all over Bangladesh we are planning to do so in the near future. To get notifications about our special offers, discounts, and promotions, follow our Facebook page and stay always connected with us.

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