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Apple laptop price in Bangladesh usually stays above the price of the international market for the lack of having official distributors or Apple’s country office directly in Bangladesh. However, different vendors use different methods for importing authentic apple devices from different regions of the world including Singapore, the USA, etc, and depending on the transport and custom duty, the price usually varies as well as the supply limit also a key factor in determining the price. As we have all seen the silicon shortage all over the world due to Covid-19, the devices Apple made came to a certain limit and didn’t supply enough to fulfill the market demand that in return the apple laptop price in BD got a hike too.

Apple Laptop Price in Bangladesh 2022- Macbook Air & Pro’s Price

As we mentioned earlier, the lack of official distribution centers, and not having a country office made it hard to import Apple laptops directly from apple. That’s why they have to pay the middle man the extra prices and have to endure extra custom duties of several countries to bring the laptop to Bangladesh.

Usually, Apple’s laptops are known as Macbooks and they have two major variants where one is focused on the light work, students and corporate executive centric group, on the other hand, other is focused on professionals where they need the extra boost to edit videos, photos and other things on the go. MacBook Air is the Apple laptop that is usually focused on that first group and the Macbook pro is focused on the second group of professionals.

MacBook Air on the global stage can be purchased with USD 999- 1249 depending on the variants but we can find the most affordable price of BDT 93,900- 1,65,900 from MC Solution BD what have six types of different variants of Macbook Air.

Moreover, MacBook Pro can be purchased from USD 1200 for the 13-inch variant and USD 1999 for 14 and 16-inch variants globally. But MC Solution BD, Bangladesh’s most affordable price provider, is selling it ranging from BDT 1,21,900 to 5,75,000.

Our price point is justified as Apple doesn’t have any direct servicing centers, there they are providing service warranty and full software support along with 24/7 helping support, that’s unrivaled at the price point among all the Apple laptop price in Bangladesh.

MacBook’s Features- Most Efficient Laptop of the World

Apple’s Laptops are usually known as Macbooks. It has distinct features which distinguish it from all other windows laptops. The features make it one of the most efficient systems in the entire world. Moreover, they are useful for doing usual tasks without any lag and can handle heavy tasks like photo editing, video editing, extensive coding, and many more things. In features, System, Chip, Ram, and Rom determine a laptop’s 90% performance and other features enhance the user experience. 

Operating System

MacBook Air and Pro run on the macOS which is one of the most closed systems. Here users can’t do a lot of changes though it can be changed through jailbreak. However, it has the advantage of being efficient as no other company is responsible for tweaking it, and it’s directly synced with the system.


MacBook displays are usually bright enough due to their High Nits ranging between 400-1600. Apple used different types of displays in the past but they are moving towards liquid Retina displays whose effective resolution stays between 2560 X1600 to 3456 X 2234 pixels. It shows 100% SRGB true colors which make the content viewing experience great and a must for video and photo editors.

Chip- CPU and GPU

Chips are essential for a system because it’s the brain. All the processes are done by it and administer everything. Usually, Macbooks had intel chips but they have moved to inhouse chip production which they called M1 chipset. From user reviews, it’s battery efficient, and it consists of different parts- Cpu cores, GPU cores, Neural engine cores. In M1 chipset of Macbook Air, it has 8 core CPU with 4 core efficiency core, 7 core GPU, and 16 core Neural engine which enhanced to 10 core CPU with 8 performance core and 2 efficiency core along with a massive 32 GPU core and 16 core neural engine in the 16-inch high spec MacBook pro.   

Ram and Storage

MacBook Air has an 8GB ram setup which can be increased to 16GB ram before purchase along with an initial 256 GB to 2 TB expandable before purchase setup. On the other hand, in MacBook pro, initial modes start with a 16 GB option expanded to 64 GB along with a 256GB to 2TB storage expandable option. All the storage are super fast SSD and RAM are DDR5 which have double the bandwidth in comparison to DDR4 rams.

Keyboard with Touch ID and Webcam Facilities

Apple always provided the most comfortable keyboards for enhancing the user experience. All the keyboards are backlit having 12 function keys with a touch ID. Touch ID is the new addition that secures perfect security. In this post-pandemic era, better webcam facilities are a must. Because we often have to enter into online meetings, a 720p web camera provides the best experience in this section.    

Dimensions & Battery

MacBook Air is a little bit thin compared to Macbook Pro, where the dimension is

0.16–0.63 inch X 11.97 inches X 8.36 inches to 0.66 inch X 14.01 inches X 9.77 inches weighing between 1.29 to 2.2 Kg which provides 15-18 hours screen on time. 

Work Areas where MacBook Worth its Price

A general user can use the MacBook in every field but it provides many advantages in various fields for what it has become the best choice for them. In this section, you will get to know where you will shine if you purchase the Macbook Air or Macbook Pro.

Video Editing

Final Cut Pro is one of the most used video editing software all over the world. It has a different work module that helps the editor to color grade and use high-level graphics for making the videos look professional. Moreover, its diverse library, helps professional editors make their work faster. But why am I mentioning it here, can’t any windows user use final cut pro in their system? The answer is NO. It can be used on MacBook only, and it pushes you a lot in this sector.

Corporate Presentation & Notes

Corporate presentations and note-taking experiences are rated as the best with Macbook for its lightweight along with built-in great keyboard and powerful processor. Also, it has a few exclusive software that can’t be found in Windows, so, it makes the value of this much more. 

Coding & Simulation

MacBook has a vast repository for coders along with strong cmd. This two alone make it very lucrative for coders. Also, Macbook is neither too rigid nor flexible and has all essential tools so the coder pick it up for using it for simulation as well.

Top Macbook Air & Pro Price List

Model Name

Price Range

Apple MacBook Air with Apple M1 Chip 13.3 inch 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Storage – Silver/ Gray/ Gold

93, 900 BDT

Apple MacBook Air M1 Chip 8-Core CPU ,7-Core GPU 16GB Ram 256GB SSD Customize Model

1,25,000 BDT

Apple MacBook Pro M1 Chip (MYD92LL/A ) with 8-Core GPU 8GB RAM 512GB SSD Space Gray

1,32,900 BDT

Apple MacBook Pro M1 Max chip 16 inch 10-core CPU 32-core GPU with 8 performance cores 32GB RAM 1TB SSD

3,59,900 BDT

Apple Mac Mini M1 chip 8-core CPU with 4 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores 8-core GPU 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Storage

69,900 BDT


What is the latest Apple Laptop Price in Bangladesh 2022?

In MC Solution BD, the apple laptop price in Bangladesh ranges around BDT 93,900- 5,75,000. 

Can I use a Macbook for gaming?

Yes, but for light games that support macOS only.

What is the best laptop for video editing?

MacBook pro M1 16 inch with 2 TB Storage is the best laptop for video editing.

What is the best laptop for doing coding as an undergraduate student?

MacBook Air will be enough for necessary academic coding.

Where can I find the authentic Macbook in Bangladesh?

MC Solution BD is the best place for purchasing authentic laptops.

Final Insight

In a market like Bangladesh where electronic device prices are rapidly increasing there, As we can say MC Solution BD bought the best Apple Laptop Price in Bangladesh. No one can think of purchasing a Macbook under 1 lac taka, however, the base price for Macbook air is nearly 90 thousand which is unimaginable. Moreover, it has provided an advantageous position for students and professionals who can do remote jobs, they need a perfect laptop to do remote classes or work. For that, Apple can be the best solution and all the software of Apple gets fast updates and that also keeps the user in advantageous positions. So, why are you waiting, purchase your Macbook right now from us- the best Apple Laptop Price in BD provider.

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