12th Gen Laptop price in Bangladesh

Intel 12th gen processors are already here for the Laptop, so what about Performance?  

Let’s discuss Intel 12th generation new hot features.

Intel 12th Gen Laptop High Performance

Intel 12th gen CPU introduced a hybrid architecture with P and E cores.

Basically, P cores, or performance cores, are the traditional cores with hyperthreading that we’re all used to. The new E cores, or efficiency cores, on the other hand, are smaller, and, well as the name implies, more efficient, but they don’t have hyperthreading, so just one thread per E core. This means that E cores should be ideal for running lighter background tasks while also using less power.

The stuff we’ll see in gaming laptops would be the H45 and new H55 options. Basically, H45 chips have 45-watt power limit, while H55 is a new class with a higher limit. And intel’s 11th gen Tiger Lake, H45 included the 8 core 16 thread i7-11800H or i9-11980HK. For example, the top-end mobile processors for gaming laptops maxed out at 16 thread parts.

Now 12th gen, we’re potentially seeing H45 top out with 6 P cores, so 12 threads with hyperthreading, but up to 8 E cores, so 20 threads total from H45. But the i5 option is apparently 4 P cores, but with 8 E cores, so despite looking like a quad-core, it would still be capable of running 16 threads, double a traditional quad-core.

The new H55 parts apparently provide up to 8 P cores and 8 E cores, so essentially, a laptop processor with 24 threads. Then again, Intel themselves show mobile as 6 P cores and 8 E cores in this random.  

Combined with an apparent Geekbench score that appeared for an i9-12900HK recently and it would seem that we’re looking at 6 P cores and 8 E cores for a 20 thread part, so still more threads than ever before

Intel 12th Generation has a higher thread count than we’ve ever had before, so assuming this is true, Intel 12th gen for laptops should offer some pretty decent and multi-threaded Performance, and combined with higher IPC, we should be seeing better Single-threaded Performance compared to what Intel has ever offered in the past.

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DDR5 Memory

Now, DDR5 memory is another new technology that’s available alongside 12th gen processors. 12th gen mobile processors support either DDR4 or DDR5 memory.

Healthy Battery

And on the other hand, Most people just aren’t sitting there smashing their Laptop with multi-core load for hours on end, let alone on battery. We are optimistic that they could easily tune a 12th gen laptop to prefer the E cores when running on battery power. So once you unplug from wall power, for example, maybe the processes migrate over to the E cores, and the P cores only get used if they’re really needed, or something like that that actually takes advantage of the P and E cores would be great for laptops, especially on battery power.

Windows 11

Speaking of new software Windows, 11 will be your best bet for 12th gen, as it’s got support for E cores, at least long term. Because as we’ve seen, Windows 10 can do better than Windows 11 in some workloads.  

Now Intel’s thread director is responsible for helping the operating system pick whether the process should run on P or E cores, and basically, this is meant to be a much more efficient way compared to what’s available in Windows 10. Intel said that while Windows 11 should work fine on 12th gen, there would be some more run-to-run variance between tests, and that would just be due to the scheduling, but they also said, for the most part, this shouldn’t be something that most people would actually practically notice while Using it. And Windows 11 is better optimized for the new 12th gen architecture.

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