Dell XPS 17 review and Lowest price in Bangladesh get High-Performance Laptop 2021

Dell XPS 17 review and Lowest price in Bangladesh get High-Performance Laptop 2021

Dell XPS 17 Review becomes one of the best deals laptops in 2021. Not because of its 17” bigger screen, but the powerful configuration and modern minimalist look which made this laptop a fair choice for any computing purpose.

Dell introduced its XPS lineup last year when it released the XPS 13. It has 13.4” borderless, 1080P display, Intel Core i7-1065G7, Iris Plus graphics, and 16 GB of RAM.

XPS 13 received significant responses from laptop users worldwide. In continuation of this, Dell XPS 15 approached with a wider display option than the previous.

And in 2021, XPS 17 launched focusing on the consumers who prefer a bigger 4K touchscreen display. However, the Dell XPS laptop model is Dell’s attempt to come out of the conventional laptop design while offering extremely powerful configuration.

Therefore, XPS 17 slightly become one of the most demanded laptops in 2021. You may think of buying this excellent laptop but before that, you are looking for an in-depth review to make the final decision.

That’s why we made this Dell XPS 17 review including price and all the details you need to know about this.

Dell XPS 17 Review & features

Dell XPS 17 has a lot of significant features you can consider. The outer arctic white color schemes on the silver aluminum chassis give an extraordinary look to the laptop.

Despite its high price, Dell XPS 17 offers the best value configuration for your money. Following its big brother XPS 15 footsteps which was considered as one of the perfect laptops built in all aspects.

XPS 17 also makes it move to another Dell premium laptop in 2021. However, it is considered that the MacBook Pro 16” is the absolute rival of Dell XPS 17.

Now let’s take a look at the details to determine its performance, battery life, GPU, and more.

dell xps 17 display ratio

Bigger screen

Personally, I love the 17 inch bezel-less XPS display because of the seamless viewing experience it provides.

It is a 16:10 aspect ratio display with 3840 x 2400-pixel resolution. Whether watching movies, playing games, or doing MS word or other general tasks, the display just makes things comfortable to users.

Dell is being praised for the Infinity Edge display in XPS lineup. The display supports 4K videos, generates brighter and vivid colors with fine details.

According to LaptopMag report, the XPS 17’s panel measured 77.6% on DCI-P3 color gamut scale which doesn’t make a big difference with MacBook Pros 80.7%.

What’s more in this display? Well, it has an increased brightness of 500 nits’ that is way better than MacBook Pro and other premium laptops.

dell xps 17 processor


Dell XPS 17 integrates 10th gen Intel core i7 processor that is obviously a powerful and high-performance processor option for this laptop.

This 10th Gen core i7 is also good enough to make faster computing tasks with its 8 cores’ powerful appearance.

Besides, you have to consider the 32 GB RAM supporting the processor and you can configure it up to 64 GB.

With XPS 17 you can go roughly in browsing, multi-tasking, and whatever you want to do. As an experiment, we opened 50+ tabs in Google Chrome with a few tabs running YouTube videos. In the meantime, we did Microsoft word to see if there is any lagging issue.

But we didn’t find any. Rather we can still move unopposed from one tab to another. However, XPS 17 has 11th Gen core i7 processor enabled in other variants including GeForce RTX 3060 or 3050.

And the core i5 version is mounted on Intel integrated graphics.

dell xps 17 graphics


Dell XPS 17 has three GPU variants in its three distinguished processor versions which are Intel UHD Graphics/Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti/RTX 2060.

We have got to review the 6GB RTX 2060 version. You can easily pick up any of the XPS 17 variants above core i5.

However, the 6 GB RTX 2060 ensures smooth performance for high graphic unit tasks like using photoshop or other development software.

However, you can’t expect better gaming conversations with this GPU. While many other laptops offer more capable GPUs like RTX 3080 in this price range, XPS 17 won’t make good sense for gaming purposes.


If you are looking for a laptop that includes bass boosted stereo speakers to fill out the entire environment of your room, you need Dell XPS 17.

It includes double stereo woofers 2.5 W and 2 1.5 watt stereo tweeters. Dell just makes XPS 17 with some serious movement for audio sound.

No matter what you are playing, music, movie, or gameplays, the quad-speaker lifts you up and discloses every bit of the sound.

Besides, XPS 17 features Waves Nx 3D audio for speakers that makes it the first laptop featuring waves Nx 3D.

Keyboard and touchpad

Surrounded by the larger touchpad in the bottom and the stereo speaker on two sides, Dell XPS 17 keyboard is mounted on top for comfort.

The keyboard is well-spaced with its soft-touch keys that give satisfying bouncy feel on finger. You can go on when all the lights are turned off your room through the backlit on the keyboard. However, one remarkable side of this keyboard is, it lacks number pad.

And what about the touchpad? Dell XPS 17’s 3.5 x 6 inch touchpad is designed for great palm rejection. The touchpad is so responsive and because of its large approach, you can quickly pursue any gestures in it.

There is no traditional left/right-clicking mechanism that is removed by a haptic sensor in the trackpad.


It is astonishing how Dell integrates 2.25 mm webcam in XPS 17’s top thinner bezel. The webcam features 4 element lens, advanced noise reduction, and improved video quality.

Dell XPS 17’s webcam is a 720p at 30 fps HD RGB IR camera with dual-array microphones. The camera delivers good details and enhanced performance for video conferences.

Battery life

Battery life is always a top priority for those who have a busy laptop schedule outside. People are looking for the best battery backup laptop which is capable of 9-10 hours.

How long the battery backup will go is highly dependent on what you are doing with your laptop. Different computing tasks consume battery life differently.

At battery life testing, Dell XPS 17 shows 9 hours of breakless performance for continuous web browsing.

However, there are no surprising tweaks in Dell XPS 17’s battery, it is 6 cell, 97 WHr integrated battery. Since XPS 17 has a 4K display, if you go playing 4K videos then chances will be higher to consume battery life faster.

Why you should buy Dell XPS 17?

From the above features discussion of Dell XPS 17, you may already have made up your mind whether to buy it or not.

As the latest edition in the XPS lineup, XPS 17 is designed to boost up daily work where you need a powerful laptop.

This laptop isn’t built for gaming intention, but you can use it for content creation, heavy-duty office tasks, photo editing, graphic design, and so on.

You can consider buying this laptop for its,

  • Razor sharp outer design smooth color finishing with exotic Dell logo on the arctic white surface
  • Massive larger 17” display
  • Light and comfortable
  • 4k resolution infinity edge display on four corners packed with corning gorilla glass 6
  • Bass boosted sound
  • Energy efficient certified by energy star
  • Well battery backup, up to 13 hours on FHD+ mode and 7to8 hours on 4K+ mode
  • 4x Thunderbolt 3 USB C ports offering 2x power delivery and 2x display ports. Besides, there is a full-size SD card reader and headphone jack connectivity

What’s the price of Dell XPS 17 in Bangladesh?

It is true that Dell XPS 17 prices seem quite high compared to the other laptops with the same configuration.

But still, it is worth the price. You can purchase any of the Dell XPS 17 variants from MC Solution BD. MC Solution BD always offers the best price for the latest laptop models of all brands.

Dell XPS 17 9700 Laptop 2021 Intel Core i7-10750H 16GB 512GB SSD GTX 1650Ti209,990
Dell XPS 17 9700 2021 Model 17 Inch Intel Core i7 10750H 16GB 512GB SSD RTX 2060 6GB235,000
Dell XPS 17 9700 2020 Model 17-Inch Intel Core i7-10750H 32GB 1TB SSD RTX 2060 6GB 259,000
Dell XPS 17 9700 UHD Touch Display Intel Core i9-10885H 32GB Ram 1TB SSD RTX 2060 6GB289,000

So, which one you would like to go for?

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