Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Price in Bangladesh

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Nowadays, Samsung is having a play with their brand new galaxy books
now according to Samsung marketing, these are not laptop these are galaxy books there’s a big difference, apparently. It kind of reminds us of apple’s silly. What are the computer commercials for the iPad? Of course, these are laptops, but the idea is they’re designed to be portable and always connected with the latest wi-fi 6E and also LTE support plus, they work seamlessly with other Samsung devices.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro – 360

They are 3 Brand new laptops on the left. We have the standard galaxy
book in the middle, we have the pro, and then on the right, we have the pro 360. which is two in one, and it is the only laptop with a touchscreen support for the S-pen, but the pro has 3 variations.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro – 13-inch and 15-inch

The 15-inch version and 13-inch version, and it’s kind of like the MacBook air slash pro meets the LG gram. The first thing you’ll notice is just how thin, and lightweight this is to the aluminum-magnesium body and even on the bigger 15 inch model, which is 11.7 millimeters thick, and it weight is just 1.05 kilograms or 2.3 pounds even next to the standard galaxy book, the pro is a good deal sleeker and the first time you pick it up it genuinely feels

They’ve still managed to squeeze in full-size USB 3.2 and an HDMI along with thunderbolt 4 and MicroSD ports, so it’s just another thin and light laptop with a fancy design, and it’s an AMOLED screen, and side by side with the standard galaxy book with its regular LED LCD screen you can see the difference not only are we getting these flush glass bezels rather than the slightly protruding plastic ones, but the million to one contrast and the much wider viewing angles makes the screen really pop we also get display HDR 500 so you’ll get at least 500 nits of brands from this and it covers 120 of the p3 color gamut and actually what you can do switch between sRGB adobe RGB and p3 modes.

Processor – Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

The inside, Samsung galaxy pro has the latest intel 11th gen processors, either the i5 or i7, which comes with their ios Iris integrated graphics, so it’s a pretty standard affair for a 2021 thin and light laptop there’s no special xe max or, Nvidia mx450 chip here for any extra graphical grunt

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