Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch M1X Chip 2021 Model

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Find out about the M1X and M2 Chips coming Soon

Apple, how much better than M1 the M1X and M2 will be, and when they’ll launch.



MacBook Pro M1X price in Bangladesh

New MacBook Pro 2021 release  and 14 and 16 redesign, price & specs

Find out about the rumoured 14in MacBook Pro Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch M1X Chip, which is set to replace the 13in model and come with Apple’s M1X or M2 chip.

Will the MacBook Pro with mini LED backlight display be

M1X specs

Here’s what the rumours and leaked benchmarks suggest we could see in the new M1X – it is possible that these could be the specs for the M2 if Apple moves straight to the M2 rather than launching an M1X.

M1X Processor Giant chip

All the rumours point to there being 12 cores in the Apple M1X. That’s an increase compared to the eight cores found in the M1. Where the M1 had four high-performance cores (codenamed Firestorm) and four energy-efficient cores (codenamed Icestorm), there will be eight high-performance Firestorm cores in the M1X.

Apple didn’t reveal the clock speed of its M1 processor, but the benchmarks suggested that it was clocked at 3.2GHz. This hasn’t changed for the M1X – according to the leaked benchmarks the new chip will still be clocked at 3.2GHz.

Like the M1 the M1X will still be based on a 5nm production process. MacBook Pro M1X price in Bangladesh

2021 MacBook Pro: M-series processor and other specs

A Twitter rumour has seemingly leaked small but significant details about the next MacBook Pro. iOS developer Dylandkt—who previously predicted the M1 in the iMac—claims the MacBook’s chip will be branded as the M1X and bring “more thunderbolt channels, more CPU cores, more GPU cores, and greater power draw.”


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