Apple MacBook Pro 16” 2021: Pre-release discussion about design, specs, and price

Apple MacBook Pro 16” 2021: Pre-release discussion about design, specs, and price

The much-awaited MacBook Pro 16 inches is on its way to debut. It will come with significant adjustments and maybe the biggest one will be its processor upgrade.

As we just received whole new apple made processor M1 Chip in the MacBook Pro 14” 2020 version. There was a dilemma whether the 16” version would receive M2 or M1X.

But it has been cleared by Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman on ‘Power On newsletter’ where he mentioned the processor name as M1X.

Undoubtedly, the MacBook Pro 16” is going to be a significant version of the Apple MacBook Pro lineup and will replace the current 16” 2019 version.

What changes come with this anticipated MacBook Pro 2021 version? In this article, we put together all the rumors we have received so far. So, let’s jump into the discussion below.

When will Apple MacBook Pro 16” be released?

We just came through the latest iPhone 13 release on September 14. As of the earliest rumors, apple MacBook Pro 16” could debut in Q2 or Q3.

But it doesn’t come true. We are in Q4 of 2021 and still waiting for the release. So, we can expect that the inaugural event will be held in any of the coming days.

Mark Gurman put some air in the excitement saying, “Apple typically does its major new Mac introductions in October. So, stay tuned.”

The reason for the delay could be influenced by global component shortage.  What DigiTimes says in this regard, “Chip shortages may deter rollout of upcoming MacBook Pros.”

However, this is not a big issue at all because we have seen most of the previous Mac releases scheduled in October or November.

What’s new in MacBook Pro 2021 version?

MacBook Pro 16” 2021 is coming with an upgraded configuration in all aspects. In addition to the powerful M1X processor and the AMD Radeon Pro 5300M or 5500M GPU, the new MacBook Pro is designed to cross the limit.

There will be some other major adjustments and a few brand-new features are set to come with MacBook Pro 2021.

For your convenience, we have made clear breakdown of all the new features including this 16” MacBook Pro 2021. Let’s have a look at them below,

macbook pro design 2021

Flat edged design

The interesting news is, Apple is developing two new models of MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inches that will be flat-edged with no curves.

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the design will be similar to the iPhone 12.

If it comes true, it will be the significant design change for MacBook Pro in the last five years. Flat edged design looks elegant and cool as we have seen in iPhone 12.

The flat-edged design results in an increase of .10 cm in thickness. MacBook Pro 2021 will probably be 1.63 cm while last year’s model was 1.55 cm.

m1x processor

New M1X processor

Last year, Apple introduced us to its first developed computer processor M1 Chip. And this year, it is reportedly known that Apple will bring the M1 Chip upgrade version M1X.

So, what do you think about Apple’s new M1X processor?

According to Dylan, “M1X is an extension of the M1 that will contain more thunderbolt channels, more CPU cores, more GPU cores, and greater power draw.”

What we know about M1X processor is, it will be a 10 core CPU featuring 8x performance cores and 2x energy-efficient core.

When the current M1 Chip processor is an 8 core processor. Regarding our performance testing of MacBook Pro 13” 2020, M1 Chip is capable of blowing your mind by providing authoritative performance.

In addition to performance and energy efficiency, you can easily compare M1X with a 10th Gen Core i9 processor.

M1X CPU benchmark performance is admittedly better than Intel processor. Needless to mention Apple’s achievements in creating powerful processors for both smartphones and computers.

Mini LED display

Present tech giant companies are more likely to rely on OLED displays. As a result, OLED displays have become the first choice for smartphones, smartwatches, and even laptops.

And now Apple is fetching mini LED display incorporating miniaturized backlight technology and a thousand full-array local dimming (FALD) zones.

Mini LED display is surely more efficient than its predecessors. It is designed for more output such as higher brightness, contrast, more power efficiency, and less prone to burn-in than OLED.


It is predicted that Apple will bring back MagSafe charging facility in its next version of MacBook pro.

Apple used the MagSafe connector for MacBook pro lineups from 2006 to 2016 versions. Since Apple switched to USB C connectors for charging, we haven’t seen the MagSafe feature in MacBook Pros for years.

The charging port and connector could be the same as the 2016 version which was notably good for its quick-release magnetic connection.

However, Apple has a separate fan base that has been requesting MagSafe for the past few years. MagSafe is good to prevent such cases of disjointed and fall on.

No touch bar

If you are using MacBook pro in any of the 2016 to 2020 models, you are getting used to the integrated touch bar facility.

This touch bar removed function keys and made it easy to control brightness, volume, mute or unmute and so on.

The touch bar has so many other functionalities. But interestingly, the next MacBook Pro model won’t get the touch bar anymore.

It is confirmed by an analyst at Display Supply Chain Consultants saying “Apple is planning to cancel the touch bar in the future”.

1080p FaceTime HD camera

Big camera upgrade coming with MacBook Pro 2021 model. Over the years we have felt the need for an improved camera in the MacBook Pro. Since the current camera version isn’t bad at 720p, but whoever doesn’t want to get the 1080p one.

High configurable storage

Apple confirmed that its new M1X processor will be able to support higher RAM configurations. As the current M1 processor supports only 8GB or 16 GB RAM, the upcoming version will allow upgrading of RAM up to 64 GB.

Apple will probably bring four variants of upcoming MacBook Pro 16.  It will vary depending on the GPU core as it will offer 16 core GPU and 32 core GPU.

Luke Miani has made it clear for audiences with a tweet where he showed how MacBook pro 2021 variants will vary based on RAM and GPU core.

Studio Mic

Apple boasts the microphone quality in the new MacBook Pro version that is probably a three mic array with high SNR. As experts say, this would be one of the coolest new additions to MacBook Pro 2021.

It also includes directional beamforming which is able to receive noise-free sounds and ensures studio-quality recording.

With this integrated microphone, you don’t even need extra microphone. You can get studio-like sound quality in your home with this special mic support.

Also, there is brand new inclusion of Hi-Fi Six Speaker system available with low vibration feature and clean audio output.

Apple MacBook Pro 2021: GPU

MacBook Pro is proven for optimized graphics performance for high-end graphic design operation and development work.

Since Apple has intended to create its own processor, it took graphic processing units into high consideration. Therefore, all are expecting a high-performance GPU and Apple has not disappointed users.

In real-life testing, M1 chip shows better performance than Intel graphic processing unit. And what we want to know from you about M1X GPU is, there will be two variants 16/32 core of this GPU.

According to Notebookcheck, the 32 core GPU could match GeForce RTX 3070 laptop graphics performance at 43% power cost.

Apple MacBook Pro 2021: Battery

In battery life, MacBook Pro is always ahead compared to other high-end laptops on the market. From the performance test we have executed for MacBook Pro 13”, the total runtime was breakless 20 hours for video playback.

No matter what you do with MacBook Pro, you can go well without worrying about the battery life. Moreover, the upcoming MacBook Pro is getting a bigger screen of 16” and an upgraded GPU and CPU.

To keep consistency with this high configuration laptop, Apple integrates a 100W lithium polymer battery in it.

This is the highest battery power stored in any apple product so far. Also, this is the max number for battery power that TSA allowed.

So, it’s obviously a big deal for both Apple and its users.

Apple MacBook Pro 2021: Price

We haven’t received any confirmation about the price for 16” MacBook Pro 2021. But what leakers are saying, it could be similar to the current 16” 2019 version.

For reference, the current MacBook Pro 16” price starts from $2399. So, we can expect the price will be a little sideways of this range.

Let’s recap if you are hesitant to buy the next MacBook Pro 16 or wait for 2022. Our suggestion is to go for M1X if you can. It is because the M1X 16” is going to be a significant improvement for MacBook and packed with high end components that users have been demanding for years.

And it can be said for sure this M1X version will make a heavy hit in the market because of the larger display, powerful CPU and GPU performance, and 100W battery.

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