Microsoft surface pro 8 – Prerelease discourse, specs, price, and updates

Microsoft surface pro 8 – Prerelease discourse, specs, price, and updates

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is set to release on October 5 with great excitement and anticipation of Microsoft surface lovers.

Microsoft Surface series is considered as one of the classy laptop models because of its thin figure, sleek display, 2 in 1 function and so many significant aspects.

According to Microsoft Surface 7 pro released in 2019, Microsoft Surface Pro 8 will surely create hype in the market.

The good news is, Microsoft keeps the price similar to Surface pro-7. You can pre-order the laptop from Microsoft official and the starting price is $1099.99 for intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage variant.

Pre-order is also available at MC Solution BD. You can pre-order for Microsoft Surface Pro 8 and we will give you an estimated time to deliver the product.

Now let’s get into the breakdown of Microsoft surface pro 8 to perceive its configuration, useability, and performance.

Surface Pro 8 display and interface design

Microsoft pro 8 interface looks so smooth and comfortable in any mood like laptop and tablet. Though it may look like a cross of surface pro 7 and surface pro X as it combines the interface design both of them.

But it brings changes in the display with light adjustments in the dimension and weight. According to leaks, surface pro can be bigger and thicker than its previous version.

If we look at its dimension, Surface Pro 7 was 11.5 x 7.9 x 0.33 inches when the surface pro 8 will be 11.3 x 8.2 x 0.37 inches.

If you consider weight, it will be a little bit heavier than surface pro 7 and surface pro X.

For years, Microsoft used magnesium to make the laptop’s chassis which is denied in Pro 8. As it is made up of recycled anodized aluminum.

The keyboard comes with surface pro laptops that include a large trackpad, sleek and compact functionalities.

You can easily disjoin the keyboard when you want to use it as a tablet. Besides, it also gets the same pen holder for the slim pen 2 we have seen in Surface pro X.

The pen holder is right there along with the keyboard.

And what about the display? Good news is, the surface pro 8 display gets updated as it is now almost 13 inches. It was 12.3 inches in Surface pro-7.

Not only that, the display gets revamp in

  • Increased refresh rate up to 120 Hz
  • resolution (2880 x 1920 pixels)
  • Up to 450 nits
  • And new color sensor which can dynamically adjust display colors based on lighting condition

Surface Pro 8 features

Without any doubt, Microsoft designed surface pro series as full-featured 2 in 1 laptop. They are highly comfortable and adjustable in any of your needs.

High portability is what makes surface pro laptops at the top of the demand. With surface pro-8, you can use it in three different modes according to your needs.

  • Laptop mode
  • Tablet mode
  • Studio mode

Front-facing camera

Surface Pro 8 includes front-facing HD camera which provides quality video calling experience. It will be a 5MP full HD RGB camera that is able to perform excellently in low light.

Face locking works very well with surface Pro front-facing camera and automatic tuning optimization available in it.

And there is an 8 MP of rear-facing 1080p full HD camera with autofocus feature in the opposite of the front-facing camera1.

Smooth and faster touch display

If you want to use the laptop as a tablet, you can easily do this by separating the keyboard. When you separate the keyboard, you can now go without the trackpad.

Surface pro 8 stunning high-resolution 13” PixelSense Display has 10-point multi-touch capability. You can go faster with your work either or not you are using the slim pen 2.

Microsoft Surface pro 8 is built for getting all your visual commands done quickly with its 120 Hz refresh rate display.

Wake on touch screen

Whenever surface pro 8 touch screen sleeps, you can wake it up just by tapping on the screen.

Removable storage

Surface Pro 8 comes with removable storage feature that was also seen in surface pro 7+ and implemented in surface pro X.

The removable storage idea doesn’t seem so important if you barely need to remove the laptop SSD.

However, if you are taking the laptop to any servicing center, it is better to remove the SSD before.

This removable storage feature comes in great help in some other purposes also.

Thunderbolt 4

With surface pro 8, Microsoft brings thunderbolt in this series. It’s obviously good news as it ensures the highest wired speed and connection experience.

Thunderbolt 4 is now used in all high geared hardware such as support for dual 4K displays. You can also use an external GPU using the thunderbolt 4 connection if you want to play games that require high graphics and graphic design activities.

Surface pro 8 tech specs

Have done a lot of discussions about surface pro 8 features, now let’s see the tech specs will look like this.

Dimension11.3 x 8.2 x 0.37
Display resolution2880 x 1920 pixels
Touch screenYes
Processor11th Gen Intel Core i5-1135G7
GraphicsIntel UHD (i3) Intel Iris Xe (i5, i7)
Memory8 GB
Storage128 GB
SensorsAmbient light sensor Accelerometer Gyroscope Magnetometer
Wi-Fi802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
BluetoothVersion 5.1
CameraFront camera – 5 MP; Rear camera – 10 MP
Warranty1-year hardware warranty

CPU performance

According to Microsoft, they have put some effort to make surface pro 8 seamless and ensure desired performance through it.

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 comes with some new features that couldn’t be seen in Surface Pro 7 or 7+. But what we have heard from an expert source is that, in addition to performance, surface pro 7 and 7+ will be better choices than pro 8.

We have tested surface pro 7 and 7+ and find both excellent in hardcore browsing and office jobs.

Forget that, surface pro 8 is Microsoft’s first intel EVO-certified laptop. The performance will depend on the variants you choose as it is coming with the 11th Gen Tiger Lake i5 and i7 processor.

If you don’t have serious computing tasks like graphic design and app development, you can choose the i5 model.

With a display of 120 Hz refreshing rate and integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics, you can expect smooth visual experience with surface pro 8.

Unless you are trying some high graphics PC games in it. Because of the GPU, Microsoft claims surface pro 8 would be able to provide 46% faster compute and 75% boost to graphics processing compared to surface 7.

Battery life

Intel EVO-certified laptops are proven for longer battery life. You can go 12 – 16 hours continuously through it.

As it includes higher capacity of 51.5 watt-hours battery, it offers 20% more battery backup than surface pro 7.

Pre Order Microsoft Surface Pro 8

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It features excellent comfortability with touch pen that will allow you to use the device how you want.

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